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Sunshine International Learning Center are subject to the Copyright and Broadcasting Laws that is associated with any website templates and content. Clients’ use of our services or visitors of www.daycareplano.com are subject to these Copyright laws.

All website visitors are also advised against using other copyright material such as company information or data. Some of these information and data, such as those from websites or printed materials should be use with care. Using information without permission is a form of plagiarism under the Copyright law.

All website visitors should be aware of these Copyright laws when visiting Sunshine International Learning Center websites.



Your Privacy is Very Important to Us

Sunshine International’s Learning Center privacy policy states that any information that is entered into our website will be protected and will not be issued to any third party. All information that is given herein will not be published and will not be leased out to other parties. Your information is strictly private and will only be used to contact you about your request or question. By leaving your information on this site, you are agreeing to our privacy policy.

Sunshine International Learning Center does respects your privacy and will take measures to keep your information private.

The privacy policy also states how your information will be used on our site. So, if you are concerned about identity theft, you can rest assured that because of our privacy policy, your information will not be obtained by anyone other than the site operators. So, your personal information will be safe and protected via encryption.