Sunshine International Learning Center provides cross-curricular activities and a multitude of Learning Center ideas and connection between school and home.


Hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities at our day care help children prepare for reading, writing, and higher-level math. Our Numbers/Math activities features: counting, patterns, sorting and classifying, shapes, sequencing, measurement, graphing.


Songs are great for increasing vocabulary and pronunciation. Using hand and body movements with songs and rhymes helps preschoolers learn to control their bodies. Sunshine International professional music teachers use traditional nursery rhymes as springboards for standards-based lessons. Watch your child learn art and music and enjoy every minute of it!

Art Making: Building/Creating

Sunshine International experienced teachers use dozens of easy, practical activities to help children develop shoulder, wrist, hand, and finger coordination. As they gain control, they will be prepared for success in cutting, drawing, and writing.

Art Making: Color

Instructors at Sunshine International help children master the skills they need. Visually stimulating activities at our day care with simple directions introduce young learners to new concepts and academic skills.