Learning Programs

Infants – Building Bodies and Motor Skills

Building Bodies activities help build physical strength and motor coordination with daily experiences that allow infants to practice fine-motor skills, hand/eye coordination, hand and full body movement, and more.

Infants begin to use and assimilate their mind right away to discover their new world. Through brain games activities at Sunshine International, children use one or more of their developing senses related to memory, spatial orientation, cause and outcome.

Toddlers – First Words, Creative Arts, Making Friends

A foundation for reading success begins as early as the first few months of life. Sunshine International Learning Center instructors introducing toddlers to books and English and Russian language nourishes early literacy development. At Sunshine International toddlers focus on first words and phrases, vocabulary development, following simple directions, and identifying and naming familiar items. Exploring art materials and experiencing music, dance, and drama enrich the classroom.

Sunshine’s International LC experienced teachers reinforce important developmental objectives through these creative, fun experiences. Creative Arts activities at Sunshine are designed to introduce toddlers to cause and effect, self-expression through art and music, and taking on pretend roles.

As toddlers learn more about themselves at Sunshine International, they become aware of their social surroundings. With everyday opportunities for group experiences, toddlers at Sunshine International gain an awareness of others and a sense of group characteristics. Daily group-time at Sunshine International incorporates several activities, such as songs, games, stories, and much more.