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Our Delicious Monday Menu: Breakfast Cereal with milk.   Lunch A Vegetable soup, turkey casserole, vegetables, fruits, juice.   Lunch B Rassolnik soup, meatloaf/vegetables, fruit cocktail juice.   Snack Cheez-it, crackers/oatmeal, bananas/juice.

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Our Delicious Tuesday Menu: Breakfast Pancakes and milk.    Lunch A Pea soup, meatballs w/potatoes, vegetables, fruits/juice.    Lunch B Noodle soup, beef stew, peas w/carrots, fruits/juice.    Snack Cinnamon toast/oatmeal, milk.

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Our Delicious Wednesday Menu: Breakfast Waffles with milk.   Lunch A Tomato soup, chicken nuggets, corn/fruits, juice.   Lunch B Borsch, chicken nuggets, corn/fruits, juice.   Snack Gold fish/oatmeal, bananas/juice.  

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Our Delicious Thursday Menu: Breakfast Sausage and Biscuits w/milk.   Lunch A Rice soup, pilau (rice w/meat), vegetables, fruits and juice.   Lunch B Soup, pasta and meatballs, veg4etables/fruits, juice.   Snack Animal cookies/oatmeal, juice.

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Our Delicious Friday Menu: Breakfast Cereal with milk.   Lunch A Borsch, fish sticks w/vegetables, fruits, juice.   Lunch B Tomato soup, turkey casserole, vegetables/fruits, juice.   Snack Bread rolls, apples/milk.

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